—Stage 1

book a consultation to try on dresses, get a feel for the style of gowns and chat with the designer, josie.

—Stage 2

have a design meeting to discuss fabrics, style and the feel of your gown. from this meeting you’ll be given a personal quotation for your design.

—Stage 3

confirm your order and pay for 50% of your gown.

—Stage 4

first toile fitting. this is a rough ‘copy’ of your gown that we pin and draw on. we look at where seams sit on your body, how low you want the back of the dress and the cut of the bust.

—Stage 5

you may have a second toile fitting; much the same as the first, but with fewer adjustments.

—Stage 6

first fitting in your ‘real’ gown. this generally checks the fit of the bust, waist and hips and we pin the length of the straps. we also look at where detail such as lace, beading or appliqué will go.

—Stage 7

second ‘real’ fitting. this is where we pin your hem, the last thing to be completed on the gown. final payment of 50% is due.

—Stage 8

come and try your completed gown and take it away... you're ready for the big day!